Wine and Paint Studio



Brush & Cards May 18th at 7:00 pm


Please set 3 hours for this step by step class. Estmated time 2 hours 15 mins



Your are Creative

Your intuitive.

Probably both.

Or maybe you just crave some time to explore those sides of yourself.

Now imagine this: 

A night to feed your artistic imagination and the energy for your soul.


Three Instructors Tarot readers/Psychic readers, guiding you to tap into your sixth sense and creative juices.

A studio full of Art Supplies, All you can drink Sangria &

Tarot Cards/psychic readings

Calling out to search for our soulful, artsy explorers.... just like you.


Sounds like a dream, right? 

It's not a dream. It's real.

And it"s going to be a night to remember.


What you can expect?


We'll start out with a sacred circle and with an artistic twist. 

From there, it's time to learn about our Pouring technique painting, working on interpretation of colors and movement.


John, Al and Connie during class will begin to work with you individually, exploring the symbolism of tarot, while going deep into your soul. People will draw one card upon arrival and after the circle all of us will let them know one on one what inspiration the cards have to tell them for painting that evening?


As you work on your paintings you'll find your connection with the card. 


Soon you'll be uncovering your own interpretation-

By the time we're done, you'll have a painting that you'll  treasure, a better understanding of the mystical future, and a glimpse into tarot's wisdom( psst......and your own).


What's Included:


Duration of Time: 3 hours

All you can drink Sangria

All art supplies and full instruction

Mediation and Mystic Circle with positive creativity, in perfect love and perfect trust. 

Your own personal Tarot reading ,

 Upon breaking free from the painting you will begin your reading.




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    1514 junction ave. Door's open 30 min before class.. 6 or more to have class or will be rescheduled(No Refunds) Glass of wine or non alcoholic beverage will be served. No outside beverages permitted. Groups of 4 or more please arrive early. Seating is at a first come

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